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Master of Ballantrae is the story of two brothers, one good and one bad. James, the wicked one, is heir to the family fortune, is daddy's favorite, and can charm the rattle off a snake. The good brother, Henry, is quiet and self-effacing and not much liked by anybody.

Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson

The novel is set in England in James, "the Master", runs off to join Bonnie Prince Charlie who is striving to restore the Stuarts to the throne. But the Master is not dead, nor does he die at several other opportune moments. He seems to have nine lives and with each one he comes back to haunt and torment his brother. Honestly, to read of his constant villainy juxtaposed with his power to beguile and deceive gave me the shivers.

And it made the book very hard to put down. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. The Wrecker by R. Stevenson was a pleasant surprise. I saw the book described somewhere and thought "give it a go". I, like most people of my age cohort, have read Treasure Island, Dr.

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Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, you know, the usual canon. I wanted to read something classic, yet relatively unknown and The Wrecker fit the bill. I was not disappointed in the least! These essays — which are often overlooked in the RLS canon — demonstrate the huge volume of work that RLS completed in his short life.

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They also show his versatility as a writer, and offer a unique insight into the development of his thoughts and writing from a young man in Scotland, to the well-travelled and established author in Samoa. Edinburgh University Magazine Edin Ed 21; Tus 25, Personal essay. Fortnightly Review ns 15 June : Tus Review essay. T he Academy 8 Aug The Academy 15 Aug The Academy 5 Dec The Academy 2 January Travel Essay. Encyclopedia Britannica , 9th Ed.

Formal essay. Vanity Fair 25 25 Nov. Unpublished since then. Travel essay.

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Critical essay. The Academy 3 June The Academy 22 July Browning Again! London 1: Autobiographical essay.

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London 4: Monterey Californian 11 November There, no longer as a lounger in a plaid, but as a working farmer, sweating at his work, he may prolong and begin anew his life. Instead of the bath—chair, the spade; instead of the regulated walk, rough journeys in the forest, and the pure, rare air of the open mountains for the miasma of the sick—room — these are the changes offered him, with what promise of pleasure and of self—respect, with what a revolution in all his hopes and terrors, none but an invalid can know.

Resignation, the cowardice that apes a kind of courage and that lives in the very air of health resorts, is cast aside at a breath of such a prospect. The man can open the door; he can be up and doing; he can be a kind of a man after all and not merely an invalid. But it is a far cry to the Rocky Mountains. We cannot all of us go farming in Colorado; and there is yet a middle term, which combines the medical benefits of the new system with the moral drawbacks of the old. Again the invalid has to lie aside from life and its wholesome duties; again he has to be an idler among idlers; but this time at a great altitude, far among the mountains, with the snow piled before his door and the frost flowers every morning on his window.

The mere fact is tonic to his nerves. His choice of a place of wintering has somehow to his own eyes the air of an act of bold contract; and, since he has wilfully sought low temperatures, he is not so apt to shudder at a touch of chill. He came for that, he looked for it, and he throws it from him with the thought. A long straight reach of valley, wall—like mountains upon either hand that rise higher and higher and shoot up new summits the higher you climb; a few noble peaks seen even from the valley; a village of hotels; a world of black and white—black pine—woods, clinging to the sides of the valley, and white snow flouring it, and papering it between the pine—woods, and covering all the mountains with a dazzling curd; add a few score invalids marching to and fro upon the snowy road, or skating on the ice—rinks, possibly to music, or sitting under sunshades by the door of the hotel—and you have the larger features of a mountain sanatorium.

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  7. A certain furious river runs curving down the valley; its pace never varies, it has not a pool for as far as you can follow it; and its unchanging, senseless hurry is strangely tedious to witness. It is a river that a man could grow to hate. Day after day breaks with the rarest gold upon the mountain spires, and creeps, growing and glowing, down into the valley. From end to end the snow reverberates the sunshine; from end to end the air tingles with the light, clear and dry like crystal.

    Only along the course of the river, but high above it, there hangs far into the noon, one waving scarf of vapour. admin