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The nocturnal vision is the beginning of a series of visions which continue with the changing light of the first morning to the moment of full sunshine. While Florent is remembering the moment of his arrest, the traffic grows more intense, the first pavillons, those with the vegetables, open their doors. He takes Florent away in order to show him the Halls of the Great Market. While the day dawns, they enter the illuminated Halls which Florent once again beholds, struck by this city within the city which resembles a forest and a world:.

Zola vol. Here again, the pure presence transcends itself towards the imaginary or the beautiful, an experience that the eye of no scientific experimenter could have:. Maintenant il entendait le long roulement qui partait des Halles. This is the moment of turmoil and of intensity of colours at their apex:. Ceci tuera cela, le fer tuera la pierre, et les temps sont proches For Claude, the change of paradigm between stone construction and construction in cast iron takes on another significance.

It is the change of a world centered upon religion to a modern world where life itself is a supreme value:. Could they, however, be identified with the reflections of Zola himself? It seems to be evident that Zola wants to replace the imaginary center of the city, which Hugo had created with Notre-Dame de Paris, by its real center which would be the modern construction in cast iron of the Market Halls, a symbol of the material life and its needs. It seems, however, that by the opposition of perspectives of Claude and Florent, Zola gives a profound ambiguity to this center of modern life.

Whereas the Halls as environment are a center of "fat" gras positive and affirmative life, of the life of the stomach, but also of an absolute absence of political consciousness other than that of an affirmation without reserve, Claude, the painter, is the one that transforms this positivity into aesthetic affirmation. The world of nurture, of meat, of vegetables is a world of jubilant presence, even if no painter before him has ever dared to give to this presence of pathetic life all the sublimity which is due to it.

But it is exactly this world of presence in itself, this jubilation of the stomach, which causes nausea to Florent, a man of consciousness having his place on the side of the meager ones maigres.

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Before Sartre, it is Zola for whom the en-soi is the origin of a nausea of a political kind and, could one say, of a metaphysical kind. Florent is a new Jean Valjean who, however, is not capable of contributing to the progress of the world, nor of reconciling himself with it. Florent remains the man of negation, the man whose project is one of pure change.

From the window of his attic he sees the horizon of the city as a living whole different from the false totalization of the stomach. This is the reason why he joins a group of pseudo-revolutionaries, of revolutionary lunatics like himself. He will be betrayed, arrested and condemned to a new deportation to Cayenne. If the position of Zola in this novel seems to be ambiguous, it is also necessary to take into consideration the myth of Marjolin and Cadine, a myth of a perverse and cruel paradise, of a degraded nature without consciousness. But it seems that neither the perverse world of Marjolin and Cadine nor the end of Florent are the last word of this novel of Paris in the Second Empire.

Because if with the disappearence of Florent everything seems to have come back to order again, if the world in itself seems to be freed from any irritation, it is this very world whose days are counted. The real end of the novel is the end of the Second Empire. In the evening in his attic, leaning against the window, he contemplates for several minutes the horizon of the city. In an article on description which appeared in the journal Le Voltaire on 8 June and was taken up again in the same year in his The Experimental Novel, Zola explains his intentions about A Love Episode and in particular about his great descriptions of Paris ending its five parts like a kind of panoramic symphony:.

Zola , The great landscapes of the sky and of the city here are only emanations of life itself and of its impenetrable mystery. The spectacle of life will make her dream of passion and of the great breath of life which she has not experienced:. Paris, avec le chaos inextricable de ses pierres, luisait comme un cristal. In A Page of Love the totality of the city is present only in the mode of the unreadable. When Jeanne, her daughter, asks her, she has to confess her ignorance. The city remains a stranger to her, and it is exactly the spectacle of this unreadable strangeness which fascinates her:.

Life transforms itself into a vision, but the real presence is that of breath. Right at the beginning, the narrator says of Helen living her calm and retired life that "she had a light breath", whereas her daughter suffers from "trouble in breathing". The city in its perpetual changes, in its energy, will bring to her its breath of life and make her feel her calmness as an absence of life.

The life of the city becomes breath, and this breath seems to inspire the dynamism of discourse with its transposition of the principal accent from the end of the phrase to its verbal forms, and that is to the middle of phrase, which is unusual in French. This fascinating and strange breath of life gets its incarnation with the person of Doctor Henri Deberle who will become for Helen the object of a violent passion.

The descriptions of the panorama of Paris following the moments of the day and of the seasons of the year will follow the line of intensity of this passion, from the moment of its awakening up to the moment when with the death of Jeanne it will find its end. Deberle is for Helen the life of Paris, the fascination of the unknown. He will become her lover, but he will remain a stranger to her, unknown like the city:.

II, ; This page torn out of the book of life is also a page torn out of the book of the city. The life of the city will continue, the life of Helen will continue far from Paris. And yet, what this torn-out page contains is the privileged moment of a perception of the city by a consciousness which opening itself to the city, discovers itself.

This history of the ascendence and the fall of Nana, empress in the empire of senses, is at the same time the allegorical history of the Second Empire and its fall. What will he do? And then? Supposing this definition to be pertinent, it might appear that Zola was no naturalist at all. It seems rather that he uses this programmatic naturalism as a screen behind which he follows a quite different program. Thus the world of theatre in Nana becomes that of the demi-monde which itself will become the incarnation of the social world under the sign of the Second Empire.

The demi-monde with its heroine Nana is a world of ambiguity between theatre and prostitution, a world of appearance and promiscuity. It is here that the physiognomy of an epoch is made manifest. Far from being the novel of a closed world, that of the theatre, Nana is the novel of an epoch. The demi-monde, as it appears in its loud colours under the brush of Zola, is a promise of happiness in the realm of the imaginary, that of the reconciliation of social classes which the revolution of had expected. Zola sees a long decay of the old social order, whereas, freed from the moral constraints which weaken it, it is sexuality, promiscuity, prostitution playing the grimacing comedy of a world between the closed worlds of society.

In this world of appearances of pleasure and illusionary alliances, Nana, a goldfly and girl of the people, pursues her work of destruction, of moral dissolution, before she becomes the victim of physical destruction by illness. Twice the novel insists upon the ideological role of Nana. In an article of the Figaro, the journalist Fauchery gives an allegorical portrait of the goldfly, which is nobody else than Nana:. Ruined, broken, he will return to the religion of his fathers, a vicious man who has neither been able to free himself from the chains of his degrading passion nor from the chains of his class and his religion.

It is through the eyes of Muffat that we are introduced to the world of which Nana is about to become the uncontested and fatal queen. And it is through his eyes too that we perceive one of the great tableaux de Paris of this novel, that of the Passage des Panoramas, a symbolic place of the demi-monde and its promiscuity. Muffat has come too early, full of suspicion, for Nana does not act in the new play, and yet she has gone to the theatre, as Muffat has been told by the concierge:.

Through this distracted gaze of an impatient man afraid of being seen and having to pass his time in waiting, we have the experience of a whole phenomenology of kitsch. We see "a display of papers, of glass bowls with landscapes and flowers in them". It is a gaze without consciousness which presents to us the ordinary objects of a world, which the count despises as much as he is fascinated by its very vulgarity:. II, sq. Twice the Passage des Panoramas reappears in different lights. When finally the Count has found Nana, who wanted to avoid him, because that night she already had another arrangement, it is once again in the Passage des Panoramas that she stops Muffat in order to look at the display of a jeweller.

The world of the passage is the world of Nana:. Elle adorait le passage des Panoramas. Left alone by Nana, after a despairing march through the nocturnal streets of Paris, de Muffat arrives once again at the deserted and dark passage closed now by bars from which emanates the humidity of a cellar:. It is not the look of the chronicler, however, it is an imaginary look with its complex conditions which gives a physionomy to this place.

And it is here exactly that begins the myth of the passage which Aragon has detailed in his Anicet ou le panorama and especially in his Paysan de Paris, which will become in Walter Benjamin the origin of his great myth of the passage as the center of a myth of Paris. But only in Zola does the passage, being part of a Parisian myth of the demi-monde and of the Second Empire, take on its very sociological signification. The passage is the non-place par excellence of that non-place or place of an imaginary real which is the demi-monde.

The myth of Nana, the idol of a society that consumes itself in he furies of pleasure, will be at its point of culmination at the moment when Muffat is definitely ruined by Nana, who exposes him to the utmost humiliation. It is a scene where description, once again, takes on the energy of an imaginary vision:.

Dans son luxe royal, la nouvelle chambre resplendissait. This myth is at the same time a myth of Paris under the Second Empire. Because here luxury and fashion, far from serving the appetite of a demi-monde, are the objects of desire of the honest world of the bourgeoisie and the lower bourgeoisie. It is for them that the great department store is intended, a department store of a new kind, which serves the desires of a new kind of woman customer whom it allows at reasonable prices to participate in a world of luxury inaccessible before.

Nana, heroine of the demi-monde, is opposed to Denise, a young sales woman of fashionable items, niece of the old style cloth merchant Baudu, at whose home she arrives with her two young brothers. Denise becomes a sales woman in the department store "Au Bonheur des Dames", the devastating rival of Baudu, and in spite of some inevitable peripeties, she ascends from degree to degree in the almost military hierarchy of the establishment up to the supreme moment when she marries Mouret, the owner and director of the great firm.

Soap opera seems to be an invention of Zola. When Denise enters the department store, her first impression is that of a machine:. III, sq. admin