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How to use Mediums in Oil Painting and the "Fat over lean" Rule

We use a different approach and method when you paint wet-on-wet, versus painting on dried layers. Lots of impressionist paintings were done in Alla Prima and you can see that immediacy and fluidity in paint handling.

Glossary for Oil Painting Terms - The Essential Guide for Beginners | will kemp art school

Color Mixing for Oil Painting is also a dedicated course on learning how to match the colors that you see or imagine the colors on your palette. I wanted to make a fun course on color theory and easy ways to express yourself by mixing and experimenting with colors. How did you decide on the subject matter? How will these techniques help our student painters?

There are basically two types of oil paintings, one is indirect or slow painting that builds on layers of thin paint and that could take months or longer to finish. The other is direct or Alla Prima where you finish the painting in one session. Each has its own techniques and approaches.

How to Paint Sunflowers Using the Chinese Brush Painting Method

Summer is a great time to change that up and introduce Alla Prima to those who are interested in learning a method that will give you one new painting every week. This class will help fill that student request, and master this part of their practice.

Though the class was build out of this need, it can be taken by returning students and beginners alike. What can students expect to achieve by the end of the class?

Glossary for Oil Painting Terms – The Essential Guide for Beginners

There is also an accompanying book titled 'The Illustrated Companion to Stem's Oil Painting Guide' which provides step-by-step examples of the painting technique he describes. Bartholomew Stem believes the underlying process of oil painting is very simple. He created this guide to bring straight forward advice to artists at an affordable price.

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