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Que chido! Mira, es Abraham???? Thank you! Do you mean literally reaching back with his arms, for instance , or just returning, going back to his old girlfriend?

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Yes, I mean literally reaching back with his arms. Probably something like: estrechando con sus armas hasta su eterno amor. But let's see if a native speaker can suggest something idiomatic. If you remove the back out of my frase would it still convey the same thing in English and be easier to translate to Spanish? Can you explain to me what does reach back actually means? I can translate it to you but I don't understand the exact meaning of the phrasal.

  • Plan to capture Antarctica ice core reaching back 1.5 million years;
  • Dreaming of a Highlander: An Historical Romance Novella (Highland Home Series Book 1).
  • Thanks for reaching back to me. I didn't study sociology so take this with a gr | Hacker News.

Ok it's like behind maybe behind is a better word. Reach behind himself thats what reaching back means in this sense.

Someone Reaching Back For Me

I've been trying to look up the phrasal but could't find the meaning. Unfortunately reach behind himself doesn't make it clear for me, if you want, try to explain the meaning of the sentence in other way. I didn't study sociology so take this with a grain of salt.

reach back to (some point in time)

I think the difference is in motivation and group dynamics. An angry mob is motivated by fear or anger and doesn't think rationally.

Reaching Back: Queensland Aboriginal people recall early days at Yarrabah mission

It's generally dangerous for both the actors in the group and the target. Also everyone can become part of a mob as it taps into our basic instinct.

I think that a mob is formed when a critical mass of anger or fear is formed and resolved once the danger disappears. This is in contrast with a protest. In a protest you're trying to promote an idea and in that sense you will try to advocate, talk to people and expose your point of view in the hope that they will adopt it.

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You still have a group of people but who are motivated by solving a specific cause. More noble sentiments are at play like compassion and respect. A good example of that would be advocacy of free speech. It's entirely possible that you're seeing something different happening here.


I felt anger transpiring trough the posts I was reading. My first post was equally a reaction to that and to other similar events that I saw happening in the past. I accept that caution about an angry mob.

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My belief and concern is that the term can too easily be used to delegitimize opposition. Boycotts often start when people are too angry to leave things as they are. Someone who doesn't agree with the logic behind the boycott can claim that the boycotters are motivated by anger and not thinking rationally, thus recasting a legitimate boycott as only the actions of an angry irrational mob.