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The site offers a viewing schedule and "Profiles in Astronomy" that may serve as excellent bases for history lessons. Hands-On Optics Six modules for teaching about optics. Lessons range from studies of lasers to magnification and communicating with light. The International Dark-Sky Association Lessons about the solar system and the effects of light pollution on wildlife, as well as science, writing, and art projects for students ages Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week.

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Hilary Masell Oswald is a freelance writer in Denver. This image from her "A Compendious System of Astronomy" depicts Margaret with her two daughters.

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The various instruments in the image reinforce the message that astronomy did not have to be exclusively for men. Urania Promoting Change. Here Urania takes a young woman sitting by a set of astronomical instruments on a journey of learning through the heavens.

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Formerly the muse of an exclusively male cohort of scientists, Urania is now bringing women into astronomy. This image is thus symbolic of the 19th-century struggles of women to gain more access to the sciences and to education in general.

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The Secluded Learners. This 19th-century illustration presents a group of women actively engaged with astronomy, but also hints at enduring prejudices. All the women look alike, sporting the same kind of fanciful attire and hairdo.

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There is not a single male figure in the scene, as to suggest that women willing to cultivate the sciences would have to do it away from the traditional spaces of learning dominated by men. Woman in a Man's World. Annie Jump Cannon, who played a fundamental role in establishing the modern classification of stars, stands out in a group dominated by men.

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The image reflects the striking gender imbalance in the AAS and more generally in astronomy at the time - in a cohort of attendees, Cannon was one among 12 female attendees. Woman in Command. In she took the post of Acting Director, becoming the first woman in the world to lead a planetarium. Despite her popularity with the public and managerial acumen in times of war and economic depression, Bennott was dismissed in to be replaced by a man.

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In , with the Cold War and the Space Race raging, Tereshkova became the first woman to travel in space. But it would take two decades before the USA started to send women to space.

The six women pictured here were part of the first group of 35 candidates who received training to fly aboard the Space Shuttle. Sally Ride top right became the first American woman in space in All of them partook of Space Shuttle missions and established milestones for the participation of women in the American space program.

An Inspiring Trailblazer. In this photograph, taken one month later, she holds a sphere depicting the Earth as seen from space, together with a group of young people.

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