Transforming Preaching: The sermon as a channel for Gods world

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Becoming a Fruitful Soul. Have I Labored in Vain? Who Ordered This? The Visible Faith. Made Alive to Stay Alive. Blessed in Jesus Christ. The Father Heart of God. The Birth and Growth of the Church. Living Out Our Calling. Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Three recent sermons

A Walk on the Road to Emmaus. Christ is Risen - Believe and Forgive. Love That is Courageous. Love That Gives Life. Love That Lights the Way. Love Beyond Boundaries. Love - Deeper than Desire. Transfiguration of Jesus - Beholding the Glory of the Savior. Be the Strength of My Life. Forgiveness and the Model of Forgiveness. Forgiveness and the Mandate to Forgive.

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When Jesus Stopped on the Road. Pray Always - Part 3.

December 30, 2018 – Being Conformed & Transformed – by Pastor David Mason

Pray Always - Part 2. Pray Always. Obedience in the Present to Prepare for the Future. The Humanity of Christmas. Christ, God's Gift to All. Christmas - Where is the Child? Christmas - How Can This Be? Christmas - How Will I Know? I Am Thankful. Consecration Sunday. A Harvest of Righteousness. Names of God - Part 3. Names of God - Part 2. Holy Communion and the Body of Christ. The Joy and Grace of Giving. Heading in the Right Direction. Youth Sunday.

God's Gold Medalists. Supremacy of Christ. A Call to be Ready for the Coming of the Lord. One Thing is Needed. True Freedom in Christ. Abba Father. In the Mind of Christ. One Single Source One Single Purpose in Life. Pentecost - It is Time to Tell the Story. A Canaanite Mother. Sevenfold Blessing. Aliens and Strangers in this World. Living Stones and Royal Priesthood - Part 2. Living Stones and Royal Priesthood - Part 1. The Joy of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus is King. Choosing to be in the Wilderness - Part 3.

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Choosing to be in the Wilderness - Part 2. Choosing to be in the Wilderness - Part 1. Epiphany, Trust and Experience. Abide in the Vine and Bear Fruit. Venturing Into the Unknown with God's Promises. Trusting, Worshipping and Following Jesus. Love Came Down at Christmas. Preparing the Way for the Lord. Experiencing the Promised One. Waiting for the Promised One. Count Your Blessings. Building the House of God.

The Secret of Joy and Contentment. Spiritual Gifts and Talents. Loving the Church of Jesus Christ. Created to Glorify and Enjoy God Forever. Student Pastor Amanda Moseng. Discipleship Defined. Your Will be Done on Earth - Part 2. Your Will be Done on Earth - Part 1. Your Kingdom Come. Hallowed be Your Name.

Pentecost Sunday. I Need You. Messages and Scripture from Mother's Day Service. The Seven-Fold Blessing.

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  4. Breakfast with Jesus. The Power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Proclaiming the Kingship of Jesus. A Kernel of Wheat. Trust and Peace in the Midst of the Storm. My Utmost for God's Highest. March 1 Sermon. Transfiguration of Jesus - A Mountaintop Experience. Love and Reconciliation - Part 2.

    Why Expository Preaching? 20 Reasons to Preach Expositional Sermons - Leadership Resources

    Jesus - Baptized and Tempted. Pastor Arun Paul. Restoring the Redeemed. Christmas and God's Plan. Christmas - Receiving, Celebrating and Giving. Giving - Honoring, Trusting and Being Blessed. Eternal Life - Loving God. Finishing the Race - Part II. Walk in the Light - Part II. The Cost of Discipleship. Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep. Sticking to the Scriptures also helps us focus on what God says is most important. Scripture is what trains us in righteousness 2 Timothy , prepares us for ministry 2 Timothy , and leads us to the person and work of Jesus Christ John Reading the Bible can be confusing.

    When a preacher faithfully preaches the Scripture and explains how he draws conclusions from the Scripture, the congregation sees faithful Bible reading modeled and are more equipped to do it themselves. This is the benefit of expository preaching: congregants will not depend on preaching as their only source of nourishment, but will over time grow in their ability to feed on Scripture themselves, and thus further their own Christian maturity. Good expository preaching explains how the biblical text for the sermon fits in the whole of the Bible.

    Listeners will know better how the Old Testament anticipates Christ and how the New Testament describes the life, death, and resurrection of Christ along with the birth and growth of the early church. Expository preaching gives listeners and their pastors a love for their Bibles. It is my meditation all the day. Expository preaching equips congregation members for a personal ministry of the Word.

    This is one goal of the Fellowship of the Word program —for pastors we train in the Scriptures to create an expository culture in their church with many congregation members ministering to each other with the Word in the power of the Spirit Learn More. God is not relying on the sufficiency of our craft or character to accomplish his purposes 2 Cor.

    God certainly can use eloquence and desires lives befitting the sanctity of our subject matter, but His Spirit uses the Word itself to fulfill his saving and sanctifying purposes. It tends to undermine confidence… in Scripture. If you got a letter from a friend in the mail, you would not begin reading half-way through, or only read your two favorite sentences—you would start at the beginning and continue reading until the end. We should treat each book of the Bible the same way in preaching. We need the truth of Scripture to defend against the lies presented by the world, the flesh, and the devil.

    Expository preaching, by unfolding the Bible, equips the church to fight against the enemy by arming them with the sword of the Spirit Ephesians and giving them the faith they need as a shield against the flaming darts of the evil one Ephesians ; Romans Preachers who seek to expound the truth of Scripture will apply its truth to their own lives. A preacher transformed by God privately can better communicate His truth publicly. Instead of having to prepare fresh material week after week for years, expository preaching sets the agenda and makes sermon planning easier.

    In a sense, the heart of the message is already written—preachers simply need to study the text and write a clear message proclaiming and applying its important truths. This also makes it easier for preachers to serve a long tenure in the same place—there is always something new to preach. Consider Psalm 1 or the parables of Jesus.

    Expository preaching forces preachers to touch on uncomfortable texts of Scripture. Instead of avoiding difficult topics, expository preaching naturally brings up difficult texts with controversial topics that force preachers work to understand a passage. This is good because all of Scripture is inspired by God and profitable 2 Timothy One can conclude that if Paul had failed to teach the whole counsel of God, he would be guilty before God for holding back truth. Expository preaching lets the Word set the agenda, and aids the pastor in declaring the whole counsel of God.

    Expository preaching keeps the pastor from saddling up one of his hobby horses. Many pastors have topics of interest that they talk about every chance they get. False teachers are promised in Scripture. We are all sinners in need of a Savior. Jesus made it clear in John that all Scriptures testify about Him and that those who come to Him in faith will find life. admin