A Single Red Rose

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Romantic Red Rose

Each praline 9 pieces comes with a seductive filling and lovely decorations. The timeless elegant turquoise box makes it the perfect extra to your flower greetings. The timeless elegant purple box makes it the perfect extra to your flower greetings. The timeless elegant blue box makes it the perfect extra to your flower greetings. In a light green and white gift box 40 gr.

In a red and white gift box 40 gr. Red wine A bottle of classic red wine 0. Not just a sophisticated extra to a red rose bouquet! Chocolates A box of mixed quality chocolates. Flowers and chocolates can never be wrong and therefore are a safe bet to delivery surprise and joy! Sparkling wine A bottle size: Imperial 0. Addign the extra fizz to your flower or plant surprise!

Scenting flowers and sizzling bubble - perfect! White wine A bottle of classic white wine 0.

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Teddy 18 cm Make your gift even more sweet and special with a soft teddy around 18 cm. It is best to learn the history of why red Roses are the symbol of romance and love. From the Western culture, it has been believed that this type of flower was created by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. It was then a symbol of love until death. In Roman Mythology, it was reported and observed that wealthy Romans prefer the flowers of red Roses to associate beauty and love. The goddesses love to pamper their body with a bath filled with Roses while some of them filled their bedchambers and bedrooms with flowers and petals of red Roses because of the pleasant smell and for soft skin.

Another legend for its romantic significance was the belief of the early Christians that this flower was the virtue of the Virgin Mary. Because of the beliefs and mythology, it became the ultimate symbol of passionate love and romance.

There are also many Eastern cultural beliefs and tradition that link red Roses with love and romance. Roses were cultivated largely in China for thousands of years ago. Aside from that, they also have their own legends and beliefs regarding the red Roses as linked to love and romance. According to the Hindu legends, their goddess Laxmi, the goddess of fortune and prosperity and also the wife of Vishnu, was created using small Red Rose petals and large Roses.

Since then, the Hindus linked to romance and love to red Roses. For the ancient Arabs, red Roses also implied love and romance. They also believed that this type of flower yielded a literal effect on their heart. In one of their Arabic tales, a nightingale saw a white Rose and fell in love with that it caused the bird to sing.

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Because of overwhelming love to the flower, the nightingale pressed its body hardly to the Rose that its thorn pierced through its heart. Its blood flowed to the Rose and it turned red.


Legend has it that Eve secretly took a rose with her when she was expelled from Paradise and thus brought her into our secular gardens. Since then, the link between the rose with love for Adam and deep sensation has been a feature of all of contemporary history. You love him, he loves you — or maybe not?

You want each of your gestures to be proof of great love?

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You want to know which bouquet is suitable to convey your feelings to your sweetheart? You are eager to know what message is hidden behind his flower gift? Whichever applies to you: we have put together a small flower ABC for you, so that the language of the flowers has no more secrets for you! The red rose stands like no other flower for the passionate love.

Here are the most important numbers that you should remember: But of course, the number of roses can also be adapted to the very personal situation and correspond for example to the 5th anniversary, the 10th wedding anniversary, or simply the date of the first date. In the number of roses so some freedom is allowed. But what about the different rose colors?

One thing is for sure: with red roses you always play it safe when it comes to love. But avoid a faux-pas if you give away roses: yellow roses are a real no go! Unless you want to convey a less romantic message through the flower.

The meaning of the Single Red Rose | hahozilony.ml International

Because yellow roses are very negative and stand for envy, jealousy and infidelity in the partnership! If you still want to vary with the classic red roses, you can change to orange roses if necessary.

They may not look as romantic as the red roses, but they are quite suitable for conjuring a glow on the face of the gift recipient. Because orange roses symbolize optimism, enthusiasm and warmth!

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