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She was a sister. The U M junior what can you do to change the situation? Dear Sue: "Thank you for your lovely letter. Clerks recall her clearly. No the mail on a day when I was sitting here responding to a one knows how or by whom she was abducted. Police say huge pile of letters and cards of condolence and I was in a her car was never moved. Wendy was seen some time fog of overwhelming grief. Wendy had talked about and later in a location a distance away.

She was walking, then looked forward to, with such great enthusiasm and running up the street with a bearded man. But they don't change much. T h e "Although Wendy had been inducted into the sorority facts look pretty simple. Don't we all do these things only two weeks prior to her murder, she was so thrilled. Should we be afraid of The sisters were so supportive to us during the night we doing something as simple as going shopping? Again, we knew she Wendy's family hurts. Stark— We are being exposed to acts of needless violence every.

Violence—a way of life? There is a notion that violence against women is abnormal. W h y is violence directed against women? But according to Laura Shapiro in her article "Violence: The Woman are both perceived as and taught to be victims. Most Obscene Fantasy," attacks on women are as certain in American life as death and taxes—more certain than taxes, since Crimes against women are a natural outgrowth of every- some people manage not to pay. In the climate of anti-female thing in our society that contributes to the exploitation, deg- violence that hangs over our lives, all women pay.

It is amazing that current statistics are not easily available on 2. Is violence against women increasing? About five years ago wifebeating was I am not sure that violence against women is increasing. It estimated by the FBI to be the most frequently occurring crime in the country. It was reported that 45 percent of all women in a is known that a greater number of women are reporting Hartford, Conn. More than 18, crimes against their persons, but whether or not the crimes cases of "family offense" were filed in New York state between are actually on the rise is not a question I feel prepared to In a nine-month period, 1, women in Dade County answer.

If there is an increase, I would suggest that it is Florida, reported being beaten. A n d in Montgomery County, because women are becoming more visible in our society, Maryland, about women came forward for help one year. A com- behavior. What type of woman is a victim? I believe we all are victims. Because we live in a society As Shapiro reports, it's a marvelously effective way of humili- which condones and perpetuates images of women that are ating women and those who fall into this category are assured distorted, all of use the potential to become victimized.

When a woman daily through media portrayals. Of course, there are certain objects to being manhandled or complains about the glorifica- types of personalities that seem to attract assailants— tion of sexual abuse in magazines on every news stand, what is women who are non-assertive, non-aggressive, vulnerable, she met with? Women who are unable to walk to the corner mailbox at 4. What are women doing to improve the situation?

This organization, for not free. In the sacred hierarchy of defensible rights, a woman's instance, is an activist organization working to stop the gra- physical freedom ranks low, and the preservation of her self- tuitous use of images of physical and sexual violence against respect has no place at all, Shapiro said. The group believes that such images in advertising and programming promotes real world vio- A real problem is the rigid belief of generations that masculin- lence.

It hopes to use public education, consciousness rais- ity is dominance, and, despite the remarkable permeation of the ing and consumer action to stop such images. The group ideas of the women's movement into the most unlikely hearts says it neither advocates nor supports censorship, but and minds, the belief in dominance will be the last to go. Shapiro, too, said there is at least one way to build up one's "We consider education and involvement to be the most sense of personal strength and to actively resist the invitations to important things any group of people can do to further our victimization that surround women—and that is to learn self- cause, and ultimately the cause of all women.

From this defense. It is the The hardest thing about self-defense is learning to hit back. But women who study self-defense usually tactics must be changed. They don't carry themselves like victims anymore. What should we do? Everyone needs to become educated. We all need to A Psychologist Comments. Urban, Chi Delta ' We must learn to be more trusting of ourselves. Women can produce change in our society.

We need not get The present inability of our society to protect its family bogged down by our fears. I hope this anger can bring about constructive change so our society can become a safe environment to live i n. Only then can violence between people be minimized and trust and nurtrance have a change to thrive. Barbara, a licensed psychologist in Maryland is involved with women as victims of family violence, particularly dur- ing their childhood. I'm mad. She was unselfish with her life, not fearing to give I hoped to provide AOTIs with a clear cut way to avoid love and friendship.

How naive of me. She was talented, wordy and creative. We have to encourage—insist—that near-outrageous Her personality shown through like sunshine on a safety and security measures be taken to keep our homes, cloudy day. But we don't have to take Wendy was original and self-sufficient, she worked hard such action with matter-of-fact attitudes.

We have to feel like we can walk home from work. She worked hard for her family and loved them deeply. She could turn my sorrow to joy, my hardships to laughter; I won't be listing safety precautions for walking alone at she did the same for all her friends. However, a good corporation It would have taken Wendy two lifetimes to accomplish should always be on the lookout for improvements. After you feel good about what you have done to She was a survivor and a go-getter, nothing could get secure yourself, your home, etc. Goodness knows, someone has to continue to ask why She was extraordinarily energetic, bubbly and bright.

Her sense of humor was side-splitting and her attitude always positive. Wendy would laugh at her own faults and mistakes but would let no other person do the same to themselves. She was loyal and intelligent and a beautiful young woman. We'll always remember her sweet smile, cute giggle, and all the wonderful times we shared with her. In our eyes, Wendy lived for those she loved and spread happiness everywhere she ventured. Wendy was life's melody, and for those of us fortunate enough to have heard it, her song will forever remain in our hearts.

Wendy Stark taught us more about being a good person than we realized, and one day, if we chance to meet her in heaven, we'll get to thank her. As for now, we can only remember and smile.

Stow And Go Bag Crochet Pattern

J Get together as a Colony! Alumnae Colonies—AOII has designated this status for alumnae in your area together is to write your regional exten- those alumnae living in an area where less than the mem- sion officer, and request the Alumnae Colony packet of infor- ber chapter requirement exists at the present. This could be mation. Please include the zip codes for all the area you need.

A printout will be developed by zip codes. The Directory which is printed in this issue of To Dragma does list current colonies. The easiest way for you to get the Don't continue to miss the experiences of getting together with other alumnae. Summer conferences A O I I definitely is best! Alumnae and collegians met in eight enced by the activities its members friends is not always easy.

It requires a different locations for Leadership Confer- choose. But, most of all, it requires a lot mer but what they discussed was the Because of its activities, is the chapter of attention. A group of dynamic members? In AOII, we can easily pinpoint major This presentation was written by Inter- A n d , is the public's general impression of phases of our activities that contribute to national President Ginger Banks. When the answer to that question is and membership development.

How is it shaped? In the sim- impact on the public, the chapter will not plest of terms, for an organization, public What do people mean by that? Usual- be able to achieve good public relations. Do they to obtain better publicity. Many Further, good public relations cannot have a favorable impression? Is the i m - people think of public relations as begin- be achieved by a group if it does not have pression they have one that is consistent ning and ending with publicity.

When each member does be How can public relations be shaped?

Vol. LXII, No. 8

In than just publicity. In fact, just because lieve in the organization and feels a part countless ways. Everything a person an organization or individual is well- of its identity, the member's individual does—everything an organization does— known does not necessarily mean that actions automatically will contribute pos- contributes to its public relations, or, in good public relations result. When you get right down to it, public relations is making friends.

So, in the In other words, each member becomes Why is it important that we seriously simplest of terms, we can assess the quali- a public relations agent for the organiza- consider questions about public rela- ty of our public relations by assessing our tion. Because in a very large sense, the success in making friends. This ters, community residents, etc.

If the chapter has established a good rapport—a good friendship—with these Someone once said that good public re- Because of the different personalities, and other groups, it probably enjoys lations is simply good common sense. The chapter must analyze its goals, strengths and weaknesses, and the membership of the chapter before it can determine the types of new members that are needed. Such analysis of course, is required so that each chapter w i l l be steaxlily strengthened by the new members it takes in. A t the same time, many of the consid- erations necessary to good membership selection involve fundamentals of good public relations.

A chapter can very easily help shape its public relations—its public image—sim- ply by pledging certain people. Beyond the recruitment of new mem- bers, public relations f o r any chapter— collegiate or alumnae—is largely influ- 9. In the afternoon, everyone picked up a I's greatest morale booster—Jeanie Sells. Carolyn Wellington, regional meet- The influence of the warm fuzzy story Gamma chapter, University of Maine, was definitely great in Region I.

Beta Tau, University of Toronto, discovered this "gift"was available. The boasted the pledge class with the highest returning members stopped tourist traffic average. The chapter also had the highest in the market and road traffic on the chapter grade point average, a 3. Southern Connecticut Alumnae Chapter. More than collegiate and alumnae members including regional and interna- Saturday's workshops also covered the 10 tional officers gathered at UWM's Union important areas of Advising the Best, and the Carl Sandburg dorms for a week- Spending Wisely, The Role of Pledge end of exchanges, ideas, songs, goals, Training in Positive Public relations and and, most importantly, sisterhood.

After a record-breaking winter of snow Saturday evening found the delegates and cold, the delegates f r o m Wisconsin, traveling from UWM's campus to Mil- Minnesota, and Michigan found the sun- waukee's North Shore area where the ny 60 degree weather in Milwaukee a hint convention's Rose Banquet was held in that summer might indeed be on the way, the elegance of the Ozaukee Country while members visiting Wisconsin from Club.

Ohio felt that fall, not spring, was ending. Kay Hansen Sutherlin, Theta, an AOII Executive Board Director, presented a Judy Knecht, Rho, the regional meet- talk that stressed the importance of w o m - ing chairman and her committee f r o m the en f r o m various areas networking togeth- Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter, which in- er to exchange their ideas and talents cluded Barbara Hunt, Phi Delta, Region with an end result of women knowledge- II's vice president, compiled three days of able in many fields and recognizing that social events and workshops that ranged they have the support and strength of from a tour of Milwaukee's finest brew- other women.

Aside from excellent food and informa- 1 1 tion, the Rose Banquet provided the set- Region I AOLTs befriended many a fuzzy during their trip to the Quincy Market area ting for many awards to both collegiate and alumnae members. A l l in attendance would agree that the most emotional mo- ment of the evening occured when Cindy Skaff, Theta Psi, University of Toledo, the new regional rush officer presented her mother, Fadwa Skaff with the Advis- er of the Year award.

Another event of the weekend that tru- ly combined fellowship and new ideas was Friday evening's barbecue at UWM's Union held inside because of the rain and unseasonable cold. Traveling Consultant Nina Martin, Nu Omicron, led the entertainment of the evening skits by the members of Phi Del- ta and Theta Psi, a song exchange, and presentations of rush party themes by members of each collegiate chapter.

Alumnae once again relived dormitory life and came away re- The award for the chapter initiating the Nancy Bettis was elected RVP along ally believing, "Three's for Me! Peg Crawford, Improved Scholarship Award. Table and door Sessions were held concerning public decorations were provided by Gamma relations; attaining our desired image and Six Alumnae Chapters received the Sigma, Lambda Chi and Lambda Sigma communicating that image to the public.

Alumnae Certificate of Achievement. Col- Throughout the weekend, Pat Hardy, lina University and Delta Upsilon, Duke legians and alumns left with many new convention chairman, got everyone University all received Certificates of ideas and renewed spirit to work to make "fired up" f o r Convention in New AOn the best. Thompson, Nu Beta, University of Mis- sissippi. Louise McBee, associ- ate vice-president for academic affairs at the University of Georgia, spoke on the importance of leadership.

Many awards were given during the Rose Banquet. She ville, Ind. The first evening delegates visited Judy served as Beta Lambda's president alumna Peggy Bauer and husband Jim for two years and later became president who own a square dance and picnic area Christmas tree forest in the winter.

A Region V gives meeting report caller taught the group several square dances and later the dancing enthusiastics "What goals would you set if you provement Award went to Alpha were treated to hotdogs and soft drinks. And this was just the be- to Omaha alums. Linda has held Meeting held June in Lincoln, Phi Sigma chapter received the many chapter offices including president Neb! Scholarship Award for a grade point and was voted by her university as "Out- average of 3.

And alums for their support of a distant things didn't stop when the particular collegiate chapter. A n award for the Outstanding Pledge session did—it continued into coffee Program was given to Kappa Alpha breaks, meals and late-night sharing Individual leadership and support chapter, Indiana State University, while sessions. Chapter awards from the region Awards. Alpha Chi, too, won awards for out- were incentive for chapters to in- standing chapter relations program and crease their potential.

The following Pam Moravec of Phi Sigma chap- outstanding financial management.

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  • Évaluer des compétences en situation authentique (Chapitre) (French Edition).

Barbara Scott of St. Louis re- The Outstanding Fraternity Education ceived the alumnae service award. T w o chapters earned rec- percent of pledge class—Phi. Zeta chapter was given the out- ognition for percent initiation: Chi standing collegiate chapter award for Lambda and Phi Omicron, Hanover Col- Outstanding alumnae advisory its strong chapter programming and lege. Banquet, the following alumnae chapters received Certificates of A high note of the meeting was the Achievement—Des Moines, Greater official announcement of this year's Kansas City, Omaha, St. Kathy left delegates holding tickets the opportu- award.

Busch, Upsilon, was picked as a new Re- nity of seeing the country by car or flying gion VI director. But their airport experi- Washington State University, earned the ences added many interesting stories to Collegiate Leadership Award, while the first evening conversations. Soon after most delegates settled into the Alpha Phi chapter house on the Uni- The Philanthropic Award went to A l - versity of Montana campus, the group pha Phi chapter. Beta The next day was filled with sessions Kappa, University of British Columbia lead by regional officers and Teri Ander- won the award for initiating percent son, Executive Board Director.

The Alumnae Service Award was of Washington. Hostesses, the Tulsa Alumnae Chapter, and Mary Martin, regional meeting chairman RMC , planned a taste of the area for regional guests by offering an au- thentic Indian dinner complete with tee- pee table decorations and a tribe repre- sentative to present the dinner prayer with sign language. A part of pre-conference training was a dinner at a nearby country club hosted by Natalie Warren. She has served as her pledge class president, keep- continued on page 14 The next day Shemwell, RRO. At Coronado dormitory after dinner, a Awards were presented to Amy round of introductions and games ensued Brown, Chi Delta, for outstanding serv- until the late hours of the night.

Saturday ice for a collegiate member. The Greatest was filled with sessions covering goal set- Improved Collegiate Chapter was Chi ting, leadership, building alumnae chap- Delta. The Exceptional Service Award ters, fund raising and philanthropy, and for an alumnae member went to Stell public relations. Back row, left to right, are Mary Jane Griffanti and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald, the region's award- winning chapter advisers, and meeting chairmen. She has served as a regional meeting chair- man, a local convention chairman and president of the alumnae chapter.

She is chairman of the day group Civitan Club. She was with the paper seven i years until she and her husband began So Millie got her real estate license and their family. While rearing their four chil- Millie Milam Murphy, Nu Omicron '41, puts started to work for a friend who has her dren Millie did promotion for the Associ- away the typewriter for a career in real estate. She later became editor of Pg- And, of tory. To Dragma reporter. Her oldest daughter is in nursing school in San "So many of my contemporaries are Diego.

The mon- In addition to AOII alumnae activities ey is not the prime reason, but we just don't believe we can stand not to work at something. The award winner served her fraternity in a number of chap- ter offices: Panhellenic delegate, activities chairman, parliamen- tarian and pledge class president. She was a homecoming queen finalist and has won the Diamond Jubilee Foundation Scholarship as well as a pledge scholarship. Her college activities included New Student Orientation host and program assistant, student body government senator, stu- dent advisor in the arts and sciences, Panhellenic Rush counselor and a member of the Greek Judicial Board.

Chris was an intern for the Nebraska State Department of Personnel. During the school year she w i l l be traveling for AOII as a chapter consultant. Following that experience, she hopes to either attend law school or graduate school in personnel manage- ment. Originally from Lincoln, Neb. When she returned to Nebraska for college, she didn't know anyone who was going through Rush. I have devel- Perry A w a r d Winner Chris Carlson, Zeta, with Past International Presi- oped life-time friends in both collegians and alumnae who have dent Jessie Marie Cramer, chairman of the award committee, who pre- offered me encouragement and love since I pledged.

We all learned a lot f r o m each other. I came home with so many new friends and ideas that I was just bursting. Another high point in A O I I that comes was having the opportu- nity to initiate the new pledge class—that was a very special time, too. She also is chair- man of the Perry Award Committee. Select either the A O I I vertical pen- for the sister on-the-go. A L E items prepaid.

Abel V. Barkan 00 J. Fellwock mond Jubilee Foundation Scholarship winners has been announced. Out of 89 K. Fernau applications—21 undergraduate awards, five graduate awards, one university C. Fletcher K. Clements P. Fennell R. Scholarship chairman. School of Law. Sally is f r o m Los Angeles. McKinney recipient, aspire tions forms are sent to collegiate chapter from California State University, North- to careers in such varied fields as interna- presidents. Completed forms, signed by ridge, in She was active in Sigma tional relations, medicine, business and the chapter adviser, must be received by Phi chapter.

Vicki is seeking a master of architecture. They are truly outstanding the scholarship chairman by March 1. She plans to be a speech their contributions to AOII and the uni- Financial needs, scholarship, chapter and language pathologist. During the committee by March 1. Katherine, who is fications concerning seniors planning to raising a two-year-old daughter, is plan- attend Graduate School. Under the new ning to earn a Masters of Public Health rules a senior may apply for a DJF Schol- f r o m U W and hopes to become a nurse arship pending acceptance and enroll- practitioner.

Under the old requirements, a woman must al- Janet Fellwock, of Evansville, Ind. A traveling consultant in This year we awarded a graduate 81, the Kappa Kappa member plans to scholarship to a initiate—an alumna complete a master of arts from Western "returning to campus," making outstand- Kentucky University and work for indus- ing marks in pursuit of a MS degree in try in employee training and developing.

Mellert L. Smith Illinois in She was active with Iota chapter. Winchester 70 ; Winchester 94, pre 64 32 special, lever action; Parker, 12 ga. Guns will not be on premises until day of auction. From Strasburg: Rt. Turn right. Auction on right. From Quarryville: Rt. Left onto May Post Office Rd. Right onto White Oak Rd. Auction on left. Great Multi Estate Auction Lots of furniture for this auction. Lots of quality smalls. Lots of box lots. Not responsible for Accidents. Original Finish, Seam Separation on Sides. Red Decal on Back. Wide x 9 In. Tall x 8 In. Deep x 22 In. Inspection - P.

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Many festivals offer live music played by local musicians. They feature great food and beverages from local restaurants. The money you spend at these festivals also stays local. And some proceeds go to support local social service agencies or other good causes.

Keep these local festivals in mind when planning your summer entertainment options. Support local by spending — both time and money — locally. The movement quickly grew into a wider challenge to the theocracy that has ruled Iran since The current president is limited to two terms. Plainly, he is no less determined to consolidate power than he is to pursue his other goals: saving the Syrian regime of Bashir al-Assad and continuing a nuclear-weapons program. It has responded with great patience to the perpetual failure of negotiations, most recently taking a wait-andsee approach pending the June 14 vote.

The Washington Post. She did the thing we hope all people would do when you lose something. She turned it in to the front desk, saving me a lot of headaches and panic. Thanks again. David Howard Marengo. The Bible is the most well-substantiated historical book in existence, with 5, copies of the New Testament dating from within years of writing. Finally, it is not that Jesus had no intention of overthrowing the law.

Jesus was victorious. Chris and Katie Yoars Crystal Lake. In writing these statistics, two things are sticking in my mind — impressive and wasteful. To me, it is definitely impressive that the American people spend that many lives, so many wounded and all this money to preserve their American way of live and their Constitution.

It would be wasteful if the American people followed Presi-. How to sound off We welcome original letters on public issues. We limit letters to words and one published letter every 30 days. All letters are subject to editing. Peter Jung McHenry. Part 3. When referring to the phenomenal success of America, the truly knowledgeable American leaders have one thing in common — they all agree that what has made America great is the people.

The most notable leaders and their accomplishments are George Washington, being the father of our country and the general who won the Revolutionary War. Abraham Lincoln, who was responsible for the freeing of the slaves. He won the Civil War and kept America one nation. Franklin Roosevelt, the leader who mobilized American indus-. Ronald Reagan, who led us out of a serious recession. He also led us to a successful conclusion of the year Cold War with Russia. We the people have lost sight of the most fundamental cause of all, freedom.

We have been drifting from a Christian, God-fearing nation to a secular nation with a me-first culture. We apparently feel that the freedom provided us by our forebears will remain without constant protection. We must realize that giving up our freedoms even to our own elected officials for promised rewards is loss of freedom. Remember our God-given rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. See part 4 next month. Clifford Evenson Johnsburg. Instead, it was poured right into the gas tank.

A lot of us had that feeling Memorial Day weekend as we filled our cars before taking a trip. Illinois has the fifth-highest state gasoline tax rates in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation. Cities around the state are able to tack on taxes of their own. In border regions of Illinois, folks are filling up their cars in neighboring states.

Because they think you are too dumb to know you are being taxed. But rarely do politicians accept part of the blame. In fact, they do their best to obscure their role in high gas prices. It all comes back to a prevailing arrogance of elected officials. They think they know how to spend your money better than you know how to spend your money. Think about that the next time you fill your car up with gas — or step into a voting booth. He can be reached at sreeder illinoispolicy. Readers can subscribe to his free political newsletter by going to ilnews.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Taylor was diagnosed with lupus in About 10 percent of people with lupus will have a relative with the disease, and about 5 percent of children born to individuals with lupus will develop the illness. There are several forms of lupus, including cutaneous, systemic, drug-induced, overlap syndrome and mixed connective tissue disease.

Inflammation and tissue damage to organ systems in the body usually occurs, including in the joints, kidneys, lungs, brain, blood, blood vessels and skin. Symptoms include achy joints, frequent fevers, arthritis, extreme fatigue, skin rashes and anemia, to name a few. Because a small portion of those who take the test come back false positive, a proper diagnosis generally includes. Family component About 10 percent of people with lupus will have a relative with the disease.

About 5 percent of children born to those with lupus develop the illness. Diane Magerko had been struggling with extreme fatigue for more than 10 years. At first she was told it was just stress, and then she had a blood test and was diagnosed with arthritis. She now is on an antimalarial drug commonly used to treat lupus. The Crystal Lake resident was diagnosed with lupus April 15, and started treatment with medication shortly after. Some believe there is a genetic predisposition to the dis-. Some hormonal factors also may explain why it occurs more frequently in women than men.

Each treatment plan depends on the severity of the illness, and routine checkups are key to stabilize the disease. Oftentimes, a patient will at some point need to consult a rheumatologist, who treats arthritis and other diseases of the joints. He said he hoped the new contract that started with the adjunct faculty in would help offset any lost supplemental income for those who worked long hours in other areas outside of teaching courses. He said the faculty received an 8 percent raise last year and will receive a 9 percent raise this year, though the bumps still only bring the adjunct faculty closer to the state average of their peers.

Ponzio said he was encouraged that the administration has listened to concerns and is willing to re-examine the multiple department issue. Even if it meant skimming back on the supplemental work, Ponzio said, most professors would want to continue their current routines and believed an agreement still could be reached with administration before August.

For nine long years, I lived in sheer agony. I suffered from inflammation and horrible stiffness in my hands. It nearly crippled me and almost ended my career. As a Medical Micropigmentation Specialist in Cleveland, Ohio, I need my hands for applying medical tattooing and permanent makeup for cancer patients, burn victims, and for people who need facial reconstruction. But suddenly, my career was in danger. So naturally, I tried just about every pain remedy and topical cream on the market.

Nothing worked. The pain was getting worse and worse. How is an ordinary fruit drink going to end my misery? He brought me a bottle and I took a sip. I was shocked that it actually tasted fruity and delicious. I really enjoyed drinking it. So for all these years, I got by on a steady regimen of over-the-counter pills. The pain in my hands got so bad that I started taking pain relievers times a day. And still my agony persisted. In just days, an amazing thing happened. I started to feel much better. My stiffness loosened up and I moved around better than I had in years with no pain.

I was faced with a dreadful choice: Either have the painful surgery on my hands and be laid up for months I was between a rock and a hard place. I was over joyed! Even the doctors I work with were amazed at my amazing improvement. I no longer need surgery. I am busier than ever before and I love it! I also found out that the betalains in Nopalea aid my body in healing by surrounding unhealthy cells and draining them of toxic waste.

You must try this drink. Just pay a small shipping and handling fee. No obligation. But hurry — they only have a limited number of FREE bottles to give away. So do yourself a favor and give your body the great relief it needs. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Children, women who are pregnant or nursing , and all individuals allergic to any foods or ingredients should consult their healthcare provider before using this product.

You should not stop taking any medications without first consulting with your healthcare provider. To report a serious adverse event or obtain product information, contact A moist and humid air mass will remain in place Thursday. A slow-moving cold front will move east, drawing up plenty of gulf moisture.

Most of Friday is looking quiet until the cold front comes through late. Showers and t-storms will linger into Saturday, along with a big cool down Sunday. Louis St. Paul Tampa Tucson Wash. Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. Weather W : s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. Bryon J.

Tuesday to Burgett Road after a report of a dispute where shots were fired, according to a news release. He told police that he had done so because the man was not leaving the property, the news release said. Deputies also discovered two shotguns and a rifle at the house, the release said. Kelly did not possess a valid FOID card.

His next court appearance is scheduled for 9 a. McHenry County Judge Gor-. Alan Swierk, 33, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse for an alleged relationship with a year-old girl. His charge is a Class 2 felony, which carries a maximum. McHenry police said a family member of the alleged victim notified authorities. It helped us identify him and keep him locked up a bit longer. Thursday at Harvard Diggins Library, E. McKinley St.

There is no advance registration, but seating is limited.

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Those who want to buy books or have one signed will be assigned numbers on arrival. For information, call or visit www. Breidenbach sings classics in the style of Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. The McHenry Farmers Market will start ahead of the concert, running from 4 to p. Creutz 96, Hartland Joy L. Sylvester 57, Harvard Gudrun M.

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The council approved, , a deal Tuesday that annexes A. Land Co. Aldermen then approved, , a variety of zoning changes that rezoned portions. Land to pursue sand and gravel mining and the development of a compost facility, despite the environmental concerns raised by neighboring Riley Township. After a dispute with city officials, the conservation district eventually was allowed to canvass A.

District officials released its findings earlier this month in a natural resourc-. The conservation district cautioned that A. Two-thirds of the site rezoned general business also is unbuildable because of groundwater issues, the report found. Despite Schnable echoing those concerns Tuesday, the council approved the changes with a strong majority. The two correct spellings combined with his performance on computerized tests Tuesday gave Urbanski a.

A computer test that he took Wednesday evening will figure into whether he makes the finals Thursday evening. The computer tests included a vocabulary portion for the first time. Tackling difficult words such as that gave Michael Urbanski and his son confidence that more was in reach. The semifinals will be broadcast live starting at 1 p. Thursday on ESPN2. The finals are scheduled for 7 p.

Thursday on ESPN. Urbanski made it to the competition for a third consecutive year after fending off a strong challenge from Scarlett Costello during. A speller must win school, regional and county bees to qualify for nationals. The Immanuel Lutheran student is coming off a 51st-place finish in He missed making the semifinals by one point that year. The year before he missed it by two points. Third time really is the charm. Village officials and the developer of the proposed River Ridge Estates along North River Road have put together a draft annexation agreement.

Final terms of the agreement are subject to negotiation and need approval from the Village Board. Greg Pantos, the managing member of the AK Group, wants to build the River Ridge Estates subdivision with 25 custom single-family homes. The houses would be a minimum of 3, square feet for two-story homes, and 2, square feet for ranches. Message and data rates apply. At the time of his arrest. Swierk last was living at Ramble Road in McHenry, but he told Graham he would return to live with his wife and 6-year-old son in Brookfield if released on a lower bond. His next court date is June 6.

They would like a chance to meet with the new village president and village board.

Under the proposal, the Rimas Lodge property, a stretch of about acres at the northwest corner of Route and River Road and on both sides of River Road at Burnett Road in unincorporated McHenry County, would be developed with both single-family and multifamily residences, as well as commercial uses. Two hearings, one in late March and the second in early April, drew so many people that they had to meet in a big-. Opponents of the development pointed to overcrowding around nearby Griswold Lake and potential water issues, including flooding that could result from homes set on wetlands.

Charles Amrich, who was running for the village presidency at the time, came out against the development, saying the village needs to focus on filling existing, vacant storefronts and foreclosed homes. The McHenry firm agreed that A. State and environmental regulators are the ones who. Land can pursue its land-use changes, once the company decides to ramp up the development efforts, Boden said. Green put a perspective on it that there are legitimate concerns but not ones that are unresolvable.

Pantos has said he expects the project to take three to five years to build out, depending on how well the houses sell. A lot depends on the strength of the housing market, Pantos said, but the inventory of new homes is going down. The draft annexation agreement calls for River. Ridge and the planned Prairie Path subdivision, which is to the southeast, to be built at the same time. Having the projects constructed at the same time would allow River Ridge to connect to a planned water main for the Prairie Path subdivision.

If River Ridge proceeds before construction of Prairie Path, Pantos would agree to secure the proper easements and recapture agreements to run utilities through the Prairie Path subdivision and. Details of the plan would be worked out during the final engineering, according to the draft agreement.


The village also may want to extend an arterial water main through both River Ridge and Prairie Path, and that would be incorporated into the final design. Under the draft agreement, space between two lots will be made available for 10 years for the extension of River Drive. Pantos also is willing to donate 2. Nanette had lived in Elgin for several years, settling in Antioch in She was a devoted member of Calvary Presbyterian Church, Round Lake, where she served more than 18 years as a deacon and financial secretary. Nanette enjoyed crocheting and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

On Nov. In addition to her parents and husband, Nanette was preceded in death by a son, Rodney Alan Banwart. The funeral services will be at 11 a. Matt Gearke officiating. The visitation will be at the church from 9 a. In lieu of flowers, those desiring may make contributions to a charity of choice in her memory.

For information, call the funeral home at Sign the online guest book at www. Sign the guest book at www. He was born Oct. Bryan worked at Jim Olson Collision Center. He loved the outdoors. He will be missed by many that loved him. The visitation will be from 4 to 8 p. Seminary Ave. The visitation will continue at the funeral home from 10 a. Friday, May 31, until the time of the funeral service at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, memorials to the family would be appreciated.

Mike served in the U. Army, stationed at Fort Carson, Colo. Computers were in their infancy and he was on the ground floor, learning data processing. This knowledge led him to a career of programming and system analysis. While taking a break from computers, he and his wife bought and operated the KOA campground in Union and where they had the opportunity to travel extensively. He had a wonderful sense of humor. Washington St. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to First Baptist Church or to the M. Center, Greenlee St.

Arrangements were entrusted to Marengo-Union Funeral Home. For information, call Online condolences may be expressed at www. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, William E. Creutz in ; and a brother, Arthur Grepling. Eleanor was a member of the American Legion No. On Aug. Creutz in Glen Ellyn.

Survivors include her son, Ronald. She was a graduate of Glenbard High School, Class of The memorial visitation will be from 11 a. Saturday, June 1, until the time of service at 1 p. If desired, memorials may be made to the American Heart Association. He graduated from Lyons Township High School. On Feb. She was born July 26, , in Greensburg, Pa.

Survivors include her daughters, Rosemarie the late Richard Tillman of Montgomery and Carole the late Wayne Vistine of Wonder Lake; many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, David R. She was born Dec. A resident of McHenry for the past four years, she was a former resident of Savanna, for one and half years, and Chicago. As a young woman, Joy was employed at Simplomatic in Chicago as a machine operator, where she met her future husband. After their marriage and starting a family, Joy was a homemaker and a full-time mother caring for her children.

She enjoyed activities with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and was eagerly awaiting the birth of her fifth great-grandchild. Services were private for the family only. For information, call the funeral home at or visit www. He was born Sept. David was a graduate of Harvard High School and enjoyed fishing. He was an avid Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Cubs fan. He was always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone. He was preceded in death by his father. The visitation will be from 4 to 7 p.

Thursday, May 30, at Saunders. Sumner St. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the American Diabetes Association, 30 N. Michigan Ave. Sign the online guest book at saundersmcfarlin. Born: Feb. She was born Feb. Mardelle was an avid organ player and she enjoyed listening to all types of music. She also clogged to country western music in Arizona. She was preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Charlie Sparks; and her parents. The visitation will be from 4 to 9 p. Terra Cotta Ave. Route , Crystal Lake. The funeral service will be at 11 a.

Tuesday, June 4, at the funeral home, where there will be a second visitation one hour before the service. Burial will be in Crystal Lake Memorial Park following the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society, www. For information, call Davenport Family Funeral Home at For online condolences, visit www. Help you understand more! Better speech understanding in noisy environments like restaurants and parties. L ;, J50LE:E Limited time ofer. May 28th — 31st. Not transferable to a third party. New orders only. Not valid with any other discounts or ofers.

Discount is not combinable with insurance. Use of the discount constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. See clinic for details. Not valid with any other special ofer. Thursday, May 30, at St. Michael the Archangel, W. Algonquin Road, Palatine. Eileen E. Grant Highway, Marengo, with a memorial service to follow at 8 p. Leonard E. Fair: The visitation will continue from a.

Interment will be in Ringwood Cemetery. Elmer J. A Mass will be celebrated at 11 a. A luncheon will follow Mass. Donald D. Johnson: The visitation will be from 2 to 4 p. For more information, call the funeral home at Estelle V. Jornd Mendyk : The visitation will be from 10 a. A funeral. Mass will be celebrated at p. Wonder Lake Road, Wonder Lake. For information, call Colonial Funeral Home at Dolores F.

Kurt A. Myers: A memorial gathering from 4 p. All other services will be private. Aldo J. Piscitelli Sr. Route , Crystal Lake, proceeding to St. Mass of Christian Burial. Burial will be in St. Joseph Cemetery, River Grove. Robert A. Services will be from 10 to 11 a. Private entombment will be in Garland Brook Cemetery. Society for Breast Cancer research, www. You may leave online condolences for the family at www. After suffering a stroke at home in , she became a resident of Valley Hi Nursing Home in Woodstock. While there, she regularly participated in bingo, card games, field trips and even bowling activities from her wheelchair.

Betty remained politically active by writing letters to several local, state and national politicians including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Richard Durbin about such issues as the war with Iraq, nuclear power plants, the environment and fiscal responsibility — and received written replies from all of them. Interests during her lifetime included American history, family genealogy, gardening, traveling throughout the United States and just visiting with relatives and friends in Illinois and Wisconsin.

On several occasions, she traveled to Hawaii and California to visit with the families of her sister, Dorothy, and nephew, Frank, and to Pennsylvania at Thanksgiving to visit with Nancy Morrell, her very close friend for years who used to live in McHenry. Betty was an avid reader and loved to save interesting newspaper and magazine articles, not to mention recycling leftover bread and crackers at Valley Hi for the chickens at the Howenstine farm.

Betty is survived by her grandson, David Amy Konstantinow of.

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