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Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. Nonetheless, her other comments made clear that he was very much this and more. But at a rhetorical level, the messiah question is very much in the air. He was the one with credentials and experience to steer us through the dark valley of a world financial crisis that was far from over, and the one to heal wounds between business and workers.

And his tale of what had happened since he stepped down as prime minister was a tale of what happens when you stray from the straight and narrow path that leadeth unto political success.

In Julia's Words: Thirty-four poems that explore the emotional journey of a girl becoming a woman

Education reforms had been unravelled, Asian engagement neglected, health reforms had come unstuck, and the soul-searching that needed to continue for the spiritual health of the Labor party had been neglected. There was plenty to strike chords with a Labor heartland, but the other qualities on display went to strong management. Senior politicians need to wield words effectively. Leaders, in particular, spend much of their time persuading different groups — key electorates, the party faithful, nervous members in marginal seats, and party colleagues — that their way is the right way.

We have two very different styles at work at the moment. Rudd is appealing over the head of the caucus, in a populist manner, with the promise of messianic deliverance. Pingback: … but what will I write? Pam O'Brien's blog. Pingback: …but you need cash… Gypsie Georgia.

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Pingback: wc Wannabe teacher!! The links for the posts are put onto the page with the prompt. Have fun! I write haiku and tanka to discipline myself into using fewer words to mean more. I may or may not do, but it will be interesting to see the results! I may not always contribute but I love new reading matter.

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Loving this idea.

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Bob Evenhouse sent me here with his blog post about your blog! Social networking! Pingback: Word Stories — …together the flames… Limebird Writers. Maddison uses the same approach as we have here. She expects the author to link the URL etc. Hope that helps! Others, I just refer to their blog site in my tags and it goes there or some have a link where I go to the home site of their blog and post a link on of the is another word challenge by Madison Woods I will send you her link so you can see it-i am not at all good at the linking, posting awards, RSS feeds stuff-it is still foreign to me in many ways-Im just trying to learn, so help and suggestions are welcome!

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Does it start every Monday? Is the prompt, the red box, this weeks prompt. Not sure if I have to leave a link here or not so I will, just in case. Well done — you linked correctly! No need to leave it here as well but better to be safe than sorry! I am joining- bit late at 34! Do the word have to be in the piece, or the idea that jolted the story into being? I just came across your challenge, and I love the idea.

I am writing my first entry, and have already started reading. Please, please, please make it easier to follow the entries!

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I suggest asking everyone to include the tag WCGU like you do , and perhaps a second keyword you set each week? And please to start the post with the story, and add any comments or explanations afterwards. Twisty, turn-y, muscles burn-y, flowing, straining, ever gaining…movement. We are on display. Each of us is presenting a unity of self that is, at once, empty and complete, ready to receive, to meet the challenges of today.

Internal grace does fill this space and offer apace my emotional lace… A grateful frame. I would like to share my words but am uncertain how. I have facebook but no blog…suggestions? Pingback: On writing, and on writing Diabetic Redemption. Pingback: Cliff diving! The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit. I subscribed via Google reader to your blog so I will be reading more. Writer in need of more to do hahaha! Peace Siggi in Downeast Maine. Hi, Julia. Love the idea of words.

When I am at a loss for something for a free write, the older, unused prompts will make a nice inspiration file.