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Physics and chemistry of the earth, 99, pp. Porewater chemistry in claystones in the context of radioactive waste disposal. Exploring diffusion and sorption processes at the Mont Terri rock laboratory Switzerland : lessons learned from 20 years of field research. Th-Pb ion probe dating of zoned hydrothermal monazite and its implications for repeated shear zone activity: An example from the Central Alps, Switzerland. Tectonics, 36 4 , pp. Combining amphibious geomorphology with subsurface geophysical and geological data: A neotectonic study at the front of the Alps Bernese Alps, Switzerland.

Quaternary International, , pp. Kunz, Barbara Eva Digital data archive of zircon CL-images [Dataset]. Wagner, B. Biogeosciences, 14 8 , pp. A multi-centennial record of past floods and earthquakes in Valle d'Aosta, Mediterranean Italian Alps. Pourquoi es-tu parti? A coups de pic by Jumuse reviews L'amour triomphe toujours, n'est-ce pas? Si vous n'y croyez pas, tant pis; Juvia le sait, elle! Pluie et Glace by Tsuki no Yumi reviews Juvia s'est encore fait rejeter par Gray mais aujourd'hui n'est pas un jour comme les autres pour Juvia.

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Une petite crise peut tout changer by Polo or Pollo reviews Un One Shot fait avec un autre auteur Les manies de politesses de Jubia et l'exhibition de Grey sont en rendez-vous! Il la fixait du regard. Rating M, contenu explicite. Mais celui ne s'en rend pas compte et finit par briser le coeur de l'ex phanthom lord. Comment va t'il se faire pardonner? Lisez pour savoir la suite! Last Longer by nana. Entah ini takdir atau sekedar kesialan belaka? Incendie by poom's reviews Two Shot Royai!

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And a thousand more such, which simple Children would be apt to contradict, but Men of Judgement for whom they were not writ know where the mistake might lie. Yet sure 't would have made his worship smile, to have readd, how that Argus King of P. In that which I have done, I do not warrant absolute perfection. The pains that are taken in it, will appear at first sight. Blunts Glossographia or Mr.


Philips World of Words. I am no friend to vain and tedious repetitions. Lupa, a She-wolf that nourished Romulus in the. Lupercal, a place near Rome, where were celebrated the. Lupercalia, Feasts in honour of Pan, performed by the. Poetical expressions may be allowed to Poetical Relations and Fictions; yet here and there I give a hint, to let you know, that I take them not for real verities.

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